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Sunglass brands are greedy

Protect your eyes and your wallet.

The Truth Behind the Eyewear Industry

There is a big secret that large eyewear brands don't want you to know.

80% of major eyewear brands are owned by one company.

This monopolistic structure leads to prices and profits that are "relatively obscene” as these brands can inflate their prices as high as they want.

It’s time to change that….

There’s a reason GQ recently called us "the eyewear brand you need to be wearing."

At Vincero, our core focus is on a few simple things:

Sustainability - First accessory brand to be certified Climate Neutral (2018)

Modern Design - Modern accessories designed for today’s most ambitious people

Small Batch Manufacturing - Build it well or not all. That’s our mantra. We use the same materials and craftsmanship as the large brands, but deliver our products at a fair price.

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