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Chasing Legacies

Chasing Legacies are more than just stories. These videos show our Vincero Ambassadors in their element. They show their big dreams, their crazy work ethic and never ending drive to make an impact. This is our way of showing you that legacies are earned, not given.

Paralyzed to Peaks

As an ambulatory incomplete quadriplegic and stroke survivor, Jack Greener lost everything on November 29th, 2018, and has been fighting for it all ever since. This is the story of Jack’s attempt to summit Mt. Whitney, the tallest peak in the contiguous United States.

Embrace the Unknown

Karl Shakur is what Chasing Legacies is all about. He grinds day in & day out to live the life he’s always dreamed of. Driven by the desire to be the best he can be, Karl pushes himself to the limits of his craft.

Project Iceman

Project Iceman is the attempt to complete the first-ever, world record-breaking, Ironman triathlon distance in Antarctica in February 2020. To reach that goal, Anders Hoffman had to begin by showing the world that limitations are only perceptions.