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Marble Watches for Ladies FAQs

  • How do I choose the perfect ladies marble watch?
    If you are having trouble deciding on a style, our watch selector tool is for you. Answer a couple of questions and we’ll recommend some watches to match your unique style.
  • Are marble watches for ladies made with real marble?
    Yes. Our marble watches are made with genuine Italian marble. Our marble selection process starts with finding the best factories in Italy. We then visit them directly in order to build relationships with the people that know this material best, that’s the only way to ensure ethical manufacturing. This Italian marble is used on both the face and the caseback.
  • How can I customize marble face watch?
    Yes. You can customize the look of your marble face watches by choosing your own strap. This lets you create a unique combination that fits your style. On our straps page, you can personalize the look of your watch by choosing from leather straps, mesh straps, and stainless steel straps.
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