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Oversized Women's Watches

You need a watch as big as your personality, and our women’s big face watches are the perfect accessory. Large dials, interchangeable watch bands, and dramatic watch faces make these watches your go-to timepiece.


Oversized Women’s Watches FAQs

  • Should I wear an oversized women’s watch?
    Yes! Oversized watches are very popular among women. You can even find women’s fashion watches that are oversized from luxury brands. It really just comes down to the woman. If you can pull it off naturally, it can look beautiful. Just make sure the watch isn’t too large on your wrist. You still want the watch to be proportionate to your wrist size.
  • What accessory gift can I get to compliment an oversized women’s watch?
    Our bracelets pair perfectly with our women’s large face watches. From Cuban links to touches of marble, we have women’s bracelets for every style, including our oversized watches and women’s minimalist watches. If you need help deciding, check out the watch style guide for help finding the perfect watch and accessory for yourself, or as a gift for someone else.
  • How to wear oversized watches for women?
    When wearing an oversized watch, it’s best to let your watch be your statement piece. We recommend pairing your watch with one or two delicate bracelets to add a feminine touch. Then keep your look simple and clean, you don’t want to risk looking tacky or busy.