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Men's Oversized Watches

You need a watch as big as your personality, and our men’s oversized watches are the perfect accessory. Large dials, interchangeable watch bands, and dramatic watch faces make these watches your go-to timepiece.


Men’s Oversized Watches FAQs

  • What is considered a men’s oversized watch?
    An oversized watch refers to a timepiece with extra-large case dimensions, usually in mm. Men’s big face watches are often bold and masculine. Despite the large size, oversized watches should still fit nice and securely on your wrists. Large face watches are typically built for action, like dive watches, and therefore the use only the highest quality materials so they are durable and dependable.
  • Can I wear an oversize men’s watch for any occasion?
    Oversized watches originated in the military. These watches needed to be durable, have multiple functions, and be easy to read. To get all this in one timepiece, the diameter had to be bigger. Today, oversized designs are still most popular in these same categories of watches, pilot, dive, race, and field. These are all more casual styles. If you are looking for a more formal design, we recommend our minimalist men’s watches.
  • How is an oversized watch designed?
    Like all of our designs, we’re adamant about being hands-on throughout the entire production process of our men’s oversized watches. It takes about a year to come up with a new design. Then, we source each individual component from the craftspeople who know them best. We manufacture in small batches to monitor the quality at every stage of production and reduce waste from having to send products back. To ensure top tier quality in everything we ship, we hand check all of our watches before they ship to you.