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The Perfect Watch For Every Occasion

The Perfect Watch For Every Occasion

Even the most casual man knows you don’t wear Nike tennis shoes to a wedding. And no matter how formal you like to look, you’d never wear oxford shoes out camping. Shoes make a statement, and wearing the wrong ones at the wrong time will get you noticed for all the wrong reasons.

Watches work the same way. The only difference is knowing what watch to wear for what occasion can be less obvious than with your footwear. That’s where we come in. We put together this guide so your wrist game is always on point. We’ve covered every occasion, from your day job to your best friend's wedding. Take a look!

For the 9 to 5 - The Chrono S Class in Rose Gold

Whether you’re a young professional or a CEO, you know the key to getting ahead is to get noticed. Yes, of course for your work, but it doesn’t hurt to also look like a million bucks when you turn in that big project.

Since standing out is the goal, you’re going to want to wear a watch that can’t go unnoticed. The Chrono S in Rose Gold was made for this kind of serious business. Nothing about this watch is subtle. From the angular design of the case to the supple Italian leather band, it was designed to catch people’s eye.

Wear it to the office, but beware: as soon as someone catches a glance of this watch, you’ll be hit with a tidal wave of questions, comments, and compliments, and we don’t know how that will affect your overall work productivity.

For Your Downtime - The Kairos Blue/Brown

Just as important as your time at work, is your time spent outside the office.

The trick here is to find a watch that is casual enough to take to happy hour, but bold enough to still make you seem like the most interesting person in the room. Because once you cut out early on Friday, you don’t want to fade into the background, but you also don’t want to be weirdly over-dressed in a sports bar.

It’s a tall order, but The Kairos in Blue/Brown delivers. This watch is the ideal weekend timepiece that is neither too stuffy nor too casual. With a slim case and masculine silhouette, the Kairos makes a tastefully bold statement and gives you the versatility you need to elevate all your casual outfits.

For Weddings or Black Tie Events - The Bellwether in Silver/White

The last place you want to get caught wearing the wrong watch is at a wedding. So many pictures get taken; you’ll never live it down.

You don’t want to treat a day this special the same as you would a workday, or a Saturday with the boys, and your watch should reflect that. Once in a lifetime events deserve something refined that’s going to leave a (positive) lasting impression.

The Bellwether in Silver/White is just the right amount of sophistication. A true occasion watch, the Bellwether exudes elegance without being flashy. The classic colorway, tasteful design, round angular case, and polished finish make this the perfect watch to wear whether you’re the groom or just a guest.

For Your Action Adventures - The Rogue in Silver/Black

Alright, this may be one of those times when you do know you have to change your watch.

Hitting the gym or the surf in a dress watch is not the best move for obvious reasons. And not wearing a watch just isn't an option. Because it’s when you’re going the extra mile and pushing your limits that you want to have something on your wrist that’s going to elevate your game.

The Rogue in Silver/Black is reliable, dynamic, and ready for anything. Water-resistant up to 10ATM, and durable enough to handle anything you put it through, Rogue is the sport watch reinvented to blend form and function. The dynamic “tapisserie” pattern dial is that extra touch to make you feel unstoppable as you take on your next adventure.

For The First Date - The Kairos in Gunmetal/Walnut

This will come as no surprise, but first impressions matter, which means, what you wear on the all-important first date matters...a lot. You want to make a bold statement that says “I’m punctual, I’m confident, and I know what I’m doing when it comes to style.”

The mistake most guys make is breaking out their most formal watch, or worse, wearing their smartwatch. Nothing (literally nothing) kills the mood more than answering text messages on your wrist in a nice restaurant.

Making a bold statement does not have to be complicated, the Kairos in Gunmetal/Walnut is the perfect first date watch. It’s got a great colorway that will pair with whatever you decide to wear, and is versatile enough to transition wherever the night takes you.

For Traveling - The Chrono S Class In Matte Black

The quality of a trip directly depends on how well you spend your time. Between flights, bus schedules, and time changes, the watch you wear needs to keep up. Because a new time zone, shouldn’t be a problem, and no matter where you go, you should arrive in style.

The Chrono S in Matte Black has you covered whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure. The ultimate blend of form and function, the bold all-black colorway and masculine design look just as good in a business meeting as it does in an Instagram post (no filter, of course).

There you have it, the perfect watch for every occasion! Don’t see your occasion on the list? Hit us up on Instagram! We love hearing from you, and we’re always down to connect.

The Rogue Lumina Capsule

The Rogue Lumina Capsule

Coral Moments Edition

Coral Moments Edition

Aurora Nights Limited Edition

Aurora Nights Limited Edition


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