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Limited Editions

When we create a Limited Edition design, our goal is to transcend the product. Every Limited Edition is designed to inspire those who wear it while communicating who we are and what we believe in. Each watch should be a daily reminder of who you are and where you want to go.


A masterpiece where stealth meets brilliance in a symphony of design and function. Limited to 200 pieces worldwide.


Malachite is a stunning green gemstone known for its vibrant color and intricate patterns. The natural banding of malachite ranges from deep forest greens to lighter, more vibrant hues, creating a captivating visual effect. Limited to 150 Pieces.

Lumina Capsule

We've infused our iconic Rogue Chronograph with vibrant hues, creating a capsule collection that's as bold as it is limited.


The bright coral dial pays homage to the stunning hues found in nature's palette beneath the waves.

Aurora Nights Edition

A mesmerizing chronograph that encapsulates the enchanting allure of the Northern Lights.

Reverse Golden Panda

A masterpiece that goes beyond the ordinary, capturing the essence of time in unparalleled style.

The Kaizen Capsule

To celebrate our 9 year anniversary we designed a special capsule collection that's a meaningful representation of the ups and downs that are present in every journey.

Day One Argo Auto

This watch is for those who are boldly stepping out and choosing to stop saying, “someday” and start taking the steps towards their goals right now.

Legacy Chronograph LE

In honor of our 8th Anniversary we are releasing our most distinct limited edition yet, an elevated re-invention of our iconic Chrono S.

Wayfinder Limited Edition

Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy. Around here we believe it’s not about where you are that matters, it’s about where you’re going. Most importantly, it’s about taking your own path to get there. The Wayfinder Limited Edition is an ode to those who against all odds, always find a way.

Icon Auto day One

The Day One Automatic Limited Edition was created to be a continuation of a message that has always resonated with us - that you are the master of your own progress. The Day One Icon is a bold and important reminder to choose to get started today instead of waiting for tomorrow to pursue the things that drive you. No more excuses - now is always the best time to take the first step.

Restore Edition

The Altitude has long been a watch that represents our love and passion for the world around us. With our second Limited Edition we created a timepiece that truly represents what we believe in: Choosing to lead the way to a zero-carbon future. The Restore is a strong and important reminder that you have the ability to leave a lasting impact on this earth for future generations.

Day One Edition

The Day One Limited Edition was created to be a bold and important reminder that you are the master of your own progress. It’s a call to choose to get started today instead of waiting for tomorrow to pursue your legacy. No more excuses - today is the best day to take the first step.

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