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Starter Styles: The 4 Watches Every Man Needs In His Collection

Starter Styles: The 4 Watches Every Man Needs In His Collection

If you’re reading this it means you’re ready to start (or add to) your watch collection.

The good news is you came to the right place. The even better news is that having a great watch collection is easier than it looks. There are so many types of watches out there, it can easily feel overwhelming when trying to decide where to start or what you need in your collection next. We are here to make things simple.

Like anything you plan on building, your watch collection needs a good base. There are four types of watches that are the foundation of any good collection. Which makes them the perfect place to start for anyone in the early stages of watch collecting.

Here are the four watches you need to start your collection.

A Classic Chronograph

Every collection needs a classic Chrono.

A chronograph is a timeless style that combines a stopwatch with a display watch. Its unique aesthetic represents the perfect union of mechanics and style. Its blend of bold style and modern practicality make it perfect for the office, traveling, or anytime you want to get noticed.

Got a first date? The Chrono makes a great conversation piece. Off to an interview? The Chrono makes a polished and professional statement. Going out to a bar? The Chrono will help you stand out.

When it comes to looks, there are many designs you can choose from. For beginning collections, we recommend the Chrono Rose Gold if you like a classic leather look, or the Chrono Blue Steel (pictured above) if you prefer a bolder stainless steel aesthetic.

The Casual Watch

Everyone needs a casual watch because wearing a dress watch to the grocery store just wouldn’t make sense. Your collection needs a watch you can wear grabbing lunch on the weekends, or pairing with jeans and a blazer during the office’s casual Friday.

When choosing a casual watch the most important thing to remember is that casual does not mean boring, and it certainly does not mean cheap. Your casual watch should still be impressive in design and quality.

We recommend a style with a slimmer case and clean face. The Kairos Matte Gray is a great option for a more sporty and masculine look on the weekend. Due to the amount of wear this watch will get, a mesh strap is a great choice as it will not wear as noticeably as a leather strap.

A Dress Watch

There are two things every man should own. One, a tailored suit, and two, an equally impressive dress watch.

While you won’t wear this watch every day, there will always be an occasion when you need to class it up (we all know someone getting married), and you should have a timepiece in your collection that allows you to do so.

The dress watch in your collection should be timeless and elegant. It should help you work a room and catch everyone’s attention. The Bellwether Silver + White (pictured above) is lighter in color and is perfect for any formal occasions for Spring or summer. For a darker look try the Bellwether Black + Rose Gold.

An Action Watch

Finally, every collection needs a great sports watch.

If you live an active lifestyle, an action watch is an absolute necessity. Something high performing and utilitarian that can handle sweat, water, falls, bumps, and scrapes all while keeping perfect time. Even if you are not active all the time, having a sports watch is still practical, especially in summer when you are more apt to be outdoors.

Our action watch, The Rouge, features a silicone band and tapisserie pattern face that is waterproof to 10 ATM. Meaning it’s tough enough to handle anything you put it through but comfortable and stylish enough to wear every day.

Grab the Rogue Black + Blue (pictured above) for a very sporty look, for something more understated for your collection, the Rogue Rose Gold is what you want.

If you have these styles in your collection, you will never have to worry about being without a watch. These styles cover every situation. No matter what else you add to your collection over time, these watches will always be your core four, the ones you come back to time after time, occasion after occasion.

The Rogue Lumina Capsule

The Rogue Lumina Capsule

Coral Moments Edition

Coral Moments Edition

Aurora Nights Limited Edition

Aurora Nights Limited Edition


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