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Day One Chrono S Limited Edition

Day One Chrono S Limited Edition

Why A Vincero Limited Edition?

Every Limited Edition is designed as a one of a kind timepiece created in small numbered batches and meant to never be released again. Every one of our Limited Edition creations is inspired by our mantra ‘Build It Well, or Not At All’. It gives us the opportunity to transcend each product and communicate who we are and what we believe in.

Each Limited Edition release is a representation of our company culture and the community we build with our most loyal customers. 

Our First Limited Edition: The Day One Chrono S

The Day One Limited Edition was designed with the intention of pursuing continuous improvement and taking the first step in going after your ambitions. Each day presents the opportunity to reach new heights and push yourself to get better each and every day. 

Our goal in making the Day One was to create a constant reminder to start your journey today.

Behind The Design

With our first Limited Edition we wanted to take our best seller - The Chrono S - and create a one of a kind timepiece that truly represents what we are all about.

Our vision behind this design was to create something that was as bold as the goals you set for yourself. The gold indices and unique monikers on the face are designed to stand out and remind you that you are the master of your own progress.

24-Hour Sell Out

The Day One became our most successful release to date - selling out all 200 uniquely numbered watches in 24 hours. This success was because of you - our most loyal customers. From everyone at Vincero - we thank you for constantly believing in us and supporting us over the years. 

The main takeaway from this is that you ask yourself - will it be One Day or Day One? You Decide.


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