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Climate Neutral + Vincero

Climate Neutral + Vincero

Everyone has a carbon footprint. It happens when we take a shower, drive our cars, or charge our cell phone, and unfortunately, all that carbon can be detrimental to our planet.

As a business, our carbon footprint is inherently bigger than any one individual. We make, sell, and distribute products. Every part of that process creates pollution that adds to the warming of our planet.

We can all make small changes to reduce our impact. Things like biking instead of driving, and using reusable bags when you go to the grocery store. But this is Vincero. We don't think small. We think big. We believe it’s Vincero's responsibility to clean up our environmental mess from start to finish.

That’s why we’re proud to announce we have become Climate Neutral Certified. Meaning every emission caused by our business, from employee travel to energy used to create new products, has been offset.

We’ve partnered with ​Climate Neutral,​ an independent non-profit organization, to measure, reduce, and offset our carbon emissions so that we can take a stand in the fight against climate change. Their three-step process will give us net-zero carbon emissions, meaning we’ll reduce the amount of carbon we’re responsible for emitting, then zero out the rest by purchasing carbon offsets.

What is a carbon offset? Carbon offsets are an investment in projects that either prevent carbon from being emitted (like renewable clean energy) or remove carbon from the atmosphere (like planting trees). To put it simply, carbon offsets allow us to compensate for the greenhouse gas emissions we produce by reducing emissions somewhere else. Learn more about where we're investing here

Becoming carbon neutral is huge for us. But more importantly, this certification is the first step towards something even bigger. We want to help discover and inspire better business practices – enabling healthier relationships with our work, our community, the planet and those we share it with. If businesses team up we can make substantial progress toward a low-carbon future and change the world.

As a company located in Southern California, we have seen the effects of climate change firsthand with devastating fires and drought that have destroyed acres of California forests. The climate is changing and this is our moment to do something about it.

Tackling climate change isn’t a lost cause. And with the demand for meaningful climate action increasing, we are thrilled to be a part of the solution and hope to inspire others to do the same. Our home and the global environment are depending on us.

You’ll soon start seeing the Climate Neutral Certified label on our packaging and website​. This label empowers conscious consumerism by telling you which brands are taking climate change seriously.

We're still going to bring you the same high-quality watches and accessories, only now we won’t be causing any unnecessary harm to our planet. The climate is changing and it's our responsibility to do something about it. Learn more about Climate Neutral at and discover more out our certification here.

Every sustainability effort is noble, let us know on Instagram what you're doing for the environment.

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