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The $5k Chase Your Legacy Challenge

The $5k Chase Your Legacy Challenge

We are all capable of doing great things. Our goal as a brand has always been to push you to chase your greatness and inspire you to achieve the things you want in life. We have always said we are here to make you feel unstoppable; that will never change.

At this moment, we want to take things up a notch. Introducing the $5K Chase Your Legacy Challenge. We're looking to help someone achieve something great, and we're going to give them $5,000 to make it happen. We're looking for individuals with big dreams, unwavering passion, and, above all, an iron will to make their goal happen.

Now, we're not just throwing $5,000 at someone. Instead, we want to work with someone to help turn their dream into a reality. And don't worry, it's easy to get in the running. Watch the video above to see how you, or someone you know, could win $5,000 to make their dream a reality.


At Vincero we’re all about supporting unstoppable individuals. The reason we’re doing this is to share stories to inspire our community to chase their legacies with relentless enthusiasm. The winner and their story will be shared with our community in our upcoming docuseries, Chasing Legacies. But remember, even if you aren’t selected for the grand prize, you can still be an inspiration to others who might see your story. In a nutshell, the $5K Chase Your Legacy Challenge is all about empowering you guys to push out of your comfort zone and highlight the stories of people who are striving towards something extraordinary.


Maybe you're still working on discovering your passion. However, we all know someone exceptional who is working towards an insane goal. It could be a family member, your co-worker, a friend, someone you follow on Instagram, or whoever pops into your head while you're reading this. Share this challenge with them, post it to your story, text it to a friend. Give them the chance to see their dreams come true and have their story told.


All you have to do is submit a video telling us about your dream. There's no limit or restriction on the type of goal you have. We want to hear from you whether your goal is related to sports, philanthropy, education, travel, science, etc.

Submissions can be as creative or as simple as you want. If you want to edit something together, awesome. But if you're more comfortable with a selfie video, that is just as awesome and it will be considered all the same. Just make sure your submission includes what your big dream is, why you want to accomplish it, and what you would do with the money to make it happen. We’re asking for all submissions to be in by March 31st at midnight PST.

Once you have your video, you can upload it HERE.

No matter how big the dream is, the most important thing is taking the next step. We know how hard it can be to keep pushing forward, so we're looking to get involved and support today's movers and shakers on their journey. We founded Vincero by risking everything to make our dreams of starting a business come true. This is how we pay it forward, by supporting others who have dreams just like we did.

CLICK HERE to join the challenge. We can't wait to hear from you.

Please have your submissions in by March 31st at midnight PST.
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