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Behind The Rogue: An Interview With The Founders

Behind The Rogue: An Interview With The Founders

In case you missed it, a couple of weeks ago we launched our very first action watch. Seeing as this was a launch like no other, we wanted to do something we’ve never done. So we are having our founders take you behind the Rogue.

We sat down with two of our co-founders, Tim and Aaron, to learn everything about our latest collection, from where it got its name, to what it means for Vincero as a brand.

Vincero: Okay, let's get into it! The Rogue is noticeably different from our other collections, what inspired you guys to create an action watch?

AH: We wanted to do something different and really broaden the scope of what we could offer people. Our other collections, while bold, are definitely placed for a city or a certain occasion. We wanted to have something for people who were out and about, and doing different things with their day.

TN: Exactly. Dress watches are not for everyone. Our leather bands aren’t exactly “action friendly.” Adventures and working out is a large part of our lives and our audience’s lives, and we wanted to have a collection that reflected that.

AH: The Rogue gives people more choice and allows Vincero to connect with them in the other areas of their lives.

TN: It was a natural progression for us.

Vincero: The Rogue has so many details, how long were you working on this watch before you got it perfect for release?

AH: We thought of it about 2 years ago as something we just wanted for ourselves and were actually working on it for about a year before we released it. It has probably been the most difficult collection from the development aspect.

TN: Yeah, it was a lot of trial and error. One of the biggest struggles we ran into was figuring out the band connections. We wanted the Rogue to have the same personalization and versatility that our other collections have, so figuring out how to make the leather bands interchangeable with the silicone ones without either losing their shape was a challenge. We did a lot of testing to get the bands right.

AH: That and figuring out how to include the marble in the back with it still being water-resistant but not too heavy.

TN: Yeah, we weren’t going to release it without the marble, since that's such a big part of our brand's history

Vincero: Let’s talk about those details! What are the features of The Rogue that make it a great action watch?

TN: You can take it anywhere. The gym, surfing, tennis, golf. It’s water-resistant, it’s got a beefed-up case, and it’s scratch resistant.

AH: We’ve been wearing it. It holds up to all the bumps and bruises. We even had one of our videographers take it diving to test how well it did under pressure!

Vincero: Because The Rogue is so different for us, what does this mean for the brand? Is this the direction you want to take the brand in?

TN: We always have our eye on the future and I think more versatility and customization is where Vincero is going. Everyone’s life is different. Everyone’s legacy is different. We want to be the brand that has the products that fit your life and empower your unique ambitions.

AH: I think ultimately we want to cover more aspects of peoples lives. That means more versatility, more colorways, more customizations.

TN: Way more customizations! There is definitely more to come.

Vincero: Lastly, everyone wants to know why you named it The Rogue.

TN: Being an action watch that’s meant for people that get out and do things their own way, The Rogue felt like a name that really captured that. We wanted the name to encourage people to go against the grain, make waves, and be themselves unapologetically.

Vincero: Anything else you want to say about The Rogue?

AH: Put it to the test!

TN: I hope when you feel it, you can tell how much effort went into it.

The Rogue Lumina Capsule

The Rogue Lumina Capsule

Coral Moments Edition

Coral Moments Edition

Aurora Nights Limited Edition

Aurora Nights Limited Edition


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