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5 Watches Every Man Should Own

5 Watches Every Man Should Own

Watches are a lot like shoes. Sure, you could own just one pair, but you'd feel pretty silly if you had to wear dress shoes everywhere you ever went. That's why you build a collection, so you have the appropriate footwear for whatever the occasion calls for. Watches work the same way. 

Every watch style has a different function and vibe. We're breaking down the 5 men’s watch styles you should know and have in your collection so you can be ready for any occasion or adventure that comes your way.


Since most men go to work every day, the dress watch is  the style most men already have. Outside of work, you’ll most likely opt for a dress watch if you’re headed to a wedding, out to a nice restaurant, or other formal affairs.

A great dress watch will complement all your formal wear, whether that's a business suit or wedding tux. Traditionally, a dress watch features a slim case and a sleek clean dial. The straps of a dress watch are typically dark leather, although less formal dress watches will have a steel band. When looking for a dress watch, make sure it's appropriately proportioned to your wrist and try to match the color of the leather strap with the color of your belt and shoes.

When it comes to looks, there are many designs you can choose from. Our Icon Automatic Collection is a sleek dress watch that has been crafted with careful attention to detail. From the sweeping die-cut skeleton hands to the exhibition caseback, the Icon is a great dress watch that will impress from every angle.



On the completely opposite end of the spectrum from a dress watch is the pilot watch. These watches are uniquely stylish, highly functional, and a great option for casual everyday wear. Pilot watches also have the distinction of being one of the oldest categories of watches, as they were worn by pilots during some of the first flights even taken.

The hallmark of a pilot watch is the ease of legibility. You will notice that all pilot watches have a high contrast dial with numerals and indices. You should be able to read a pilot watch with just a glance. Other features include luminescent hands, dual-time, an oversized crown, and straps made of a durable material like leather or Cordura. Add a pilot watch to your collection, and you'll find yourself reaching for it day in and day out. 

The Altitude checks all the boxes when it comes to pilot watches. It's a casual watch that elevates all your casual looks. Thanks to the dual-time function and durability, a pilot watch is ideal for traveling, whether that’s long haul flights, or simply a weekend road trip. It will complement all your casual and semi-casual outfits and you’ll never have to take it off whether you’re sightseeing or relaxing by the pool.


Field watches are the most tactical timepiece men can own. These were tools for soldiers; so it was all about function over form because they were being used in battle. Today, field watches are more ideal for casual fashion purposes, but the important features and complications that make up a field watch remain the same.

Field watches are rugged, water-resistant, built to withstand a range of temperatures, readable in the dark, and typically feature functional complications such as a chronograph and a tachymeter. Bands on field watches are usually canvas, nylon, or leather

Our field watch, The Outrider, is one of our newest collections. The Outrider features Swiss lume in the numerals and hands on the face a chronograph stopwatch, a rotating unidirectional bezel that can be used to track elapsed time, and a water-resistance up to 100 meters.

A field watch is a must-have for all collections so you have a timepiece for your outdoor occasions, whether that's hiking, off-roading, or just a BBQ with friends and you want something that's more durable for the elements.


This one is pretty self-explanatory. Dive watches are used for (you guessed it) diving. However, even if you aren't constantly in the water, dive watches still have a place in your collection. They are versatile, sporty, and comfortable. You can be active in a dive watch or pair it with any casual or outfit, and it will be a statement piece that commands compliments and respect.

Common features of a dive watch are high water resistance, incredible durability, and clear luminescent hands and indices for visibility in dark water. Additionally, dive watches are always going to have a rotating decent bezel that lets you keep track of your time and your oxygen. 

Our dive watch, The Vessel, has all of these features wrapped in a modern design. It looks great in any collection, and you'll be glad you have it when you're being active and need a watch that keeps you looking good but can also take a beating. Take it with you running, swimming, or wear it out to a bar and you’ll never have to worry about damage or scratches from bumps in a crowd. 


The race watch is similar to a field watch in terms of durability and function. However, it differs when it comes to style and design.

Race watches were made for race car drivers (obviously), and designed to be as eye-catching as the cars they were driving. Race watches are going to be flashier and bolder than any other category of watches. When it comes to function, the two hallmarks of a race watch are a tachymeter on the outer bezel, and a chronograph stopwatch. The tachymeter and chronograph not only mimic the dashboard of a sports car but can also be used to calculate time and distance.

The Apex is our take on the race watch. It not only features the signature tachymeter and chronograph, but also Swiss lume in the hands and indices, 10 ATM water resistance, a crown guard, and an aluminum bezel to make the watch more durable. Also in line with classic race watches, the Apex comes in a variety of exotic color combinations. This is the watch you want for cutting out of work early on a Friday, heading to happy hour, and striking up a conversation with a stranger. 

Having a great watch collection is a must for any man that values style. We hope this guide has made it easier to start building your collection. Let us know what style you're adding to your arsenal first by messaging us on Instagram.

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