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Behind The Icon: An Interview With The Founder

Behind The Icon: An Interview With The Founder

From a glance, the Icon may seem simple, but our newest collection is anything but. We're talking to one of our founders, Tim Nybo, about how the Icon came to be, what makes it special, and why every guy is going to want one.

Vincero: What inspired the Icon?

TN: We were inspired by the idea and the complication behind an automatic watch. Sure a quartz watch has a heartbeat, but automatics are their own ecosystem.

There's something exciting about making a watch so well that it will not only last forever, but all it needs to do so is be worn. You forget about a quartz watch for a couple of years, it will be dead when you pick it up. With an automatic, you could not wear it for a decade and because it works perpetually by itself, it will work when you come back to it. As watchmakers and people who enjoy quality craftsmanship, that is inspiring.

Vincero: Why did we want to add an automatic to our catalog of watches?

TN: Our goal has always been to grow with our audience. As their taste elevate, we want to have offerings to match.

Vincero will be 6 this year. Someone who might have just started wearing a watch and bought a Kairos from us 3 years ago might be yearning for a more refined and complicated timepiece now. We want to be able to give that to them. Every time you elevate your standards, we want to level up with you. And we're growing up too. When we started Vincero we just wanted to make the dopest looking watches possible. We're still doing that, but bring more refinement to the mix.

Vincero: How did the creative process differ from designing an automatic vs a quartz design?

TN: We wanted to keep our initial automatic offering under $300. That meant we needed to use a simple 3 hand + date movement, and any chronographs were out of the question. So this made it a little tricky because it's hard to take a flat face and make it a Vincero. We took a while just thinking: how could we make it us without anything on the face? We still wanted the Icon to be unique. We didn't want it to look like every other entry-level automatic out there. That's why this piece is definitely all about the small details.

Vincero: What are some of those details on the Icon that make it special?

TN: We kept the face open without a slope to let the metal markers and hands do the talking on the face. You will notice the hour markers are long and sharp. We added dye-cut skeleton hands to add some edge to it. The bezel is a mix of brushed and polished finishes to make sure the Icon always caught the light just right. Less is more with this piece. But it makes a statement all the same. It's modern, sleek, and sharp. No bells and whistle, but it still attracts looks.

Vincero: Is there anything else you want people to know about this collection?

TN: Thanks for supporting the collection. We'll definitely be adding more colorways, so DM us on Instagram letting us know what colors you want to see! We really take that kind of stuff into account.

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