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Personalized Gifts For Him

Personalized Gifts For Him

Shopping for the men in your life can be anything but simple. He says he doesn’t want anything, but you know that he really does. Or, you ask for ideas and he gives something super vague, like “I don’t know” or “just something simple.” Now you’re stuck trying to guess what he wants. You’ve been to every mall in your town, you’ve asked all his friends (who all suddenly know nothing about him), and it’s a nightmare.

Well luckily, we’re here to take all the stress out of gift-giving. Watches are a great gift for many reasons, including the fact that they are useful and stylish. But a personalized watch takes it up a notch. This little touch of something special shows that you care about your relationship with the recipient and give you a chance to flex your creativity.

Not sure where to start? Here are some ways you can easily personalize a gift for him.

Engrave A Date

When it comes to personalized gifts for him, a great place to start is by engraving a special date. Dates are a great way to commemorate an important time in someone’s life. Whether it’s an anniversary, a graduation date, or the date you met the recipient, this personalized touch makes all the difference.

Consider engraving their birthday (or the birthday of someone they love), their wedding/anniversary date, their graduation date, or the date you met. If you want to get really fancy, you engrave it in Roman Numerals.

Engrave Their Name

If you don’t feel like thinking too much about what your personalized gift for him is going to say, there’s nothing wrong with sticking to something simple! Plus, everyone loves the sound of their own name. Keep it simple with their name on the personalized watch.

If you want to take it a step further, you can engrave their initials, regularly, or as a monogram with their last initial in the middle. You can also choose to engrave their nickname, the names of important people in their life, the name of their fraternity, the name of their dog, the name of their favorite sports team and the city. This is a great option since the possibilities are endless.

Engrave Their Favorite Quote

There’s a reason why we engrave our watches with “Veni, Vedi, Vici.” We love this quote and every time we read it, it reminds us to live our legacy. Personalize your gift by engraving a quote that means something special to the recipient. This touch shows that you know them and want would inspire them every time they see it. Not sure where to find their favorite quote? Try:

  • A line from their favorite book.
  • A line from a poem.
  • A quote from their hero (or superhero).
  • A family quote.
  • A quote from their favorite song.

Not only is a quote truly personalized for them, but it can also serve as a daily reminder or motivation. Plus, they’ll think of you every time they read it!

Get Matching Engravings

Remember your friendship bracelets or “best friend” necklaces from back in the day? Well, today’s personalized watches are like a fashionable, high-quality version. If you’re wondering what to engrave on your personalized gift for him, consider getting matching engravings that will remind you of each other every day.

Now when we say ‘matching’ we don’t mean ‘identical.’ They just have to be engravings that go together. They could be something like your fraternity letters, two halves of a military phrase, your college letters, the name of your favorite sports team, or other engravings that only mean something to you. Hey, if there are three of you, you could each have a section of ‘Veni Vidi Vici.’ Just throwing it out there. We have his and her watches and lots of coordinating collections to find the perfect watches for your engraving inspiration.

Simply Say “I Love You”

At the end of the day, a simple “I love you” says it all. You don’t have to overthink your personalized message because sometimes, the small things are what matter most. If your loved one appreciates the “less is more” trend, treat them to a minimalist watch with this classic sentiment.

These ideas should help you get the perfect personalized gift for him. There’s nothing worse than throwing a haphazard gift together and not giving the one you love the personalized gift they deserve. An engraved watch is the perfect choice because you can personalize it with anything, from an anniversary date to a funny quote you guys said in college together. These subtle engravings are the perfect reminder of your relationship and will make the recipient feel appreciated and loved. Now, where’s your trophy for Best Gift-Giver Ever? Shop our collection of engravable watches today.

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