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Our Top 10 Favorite Mix-Ups

Our Top 10 Favorite Mix-Ups

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a multifaceted person with a unique style. You’ve got places to go, memories to make, and stories to tell; and you don’t need some one-dimensional cookie-cutter watch holding you back. This is what is at the top of our minds when we design. That’s why all of our watches have interchangeable straps; because your life demands versatility and going from day to night, shouldn’t require a stop at home.

We have dozens of watches and bands, and because we can change the straps so easily, one of our favorite things to do around the office is to see what creative combinations we can make. We’ve come up with some great combos over the years. Some of them we end up turning into watches for you and some we just wear for ourselves, but all of them are unique.

Here are our top 10 favorite colorways to mix and match. We hope you find one that can keep up with your life.

1. The Chrono S White/Blue + Classic Slate Blue 22mm

Don’t be afraid to give your look some color. The White/Blue is one of our newer watches. Paired with a lighter strap it’s a perfect look for any season.

2. The Kairos Gunmetal/WalnutClassic Black 22mm

The classic black strap gives this best seller some extra edge. It’s a dark look that would look good out at a bar or in the office.

3. The Altitude Matte Black/Pine + Mesh Matte Black 22mm

Adding a mesh band easily takes the Altitude from day-to-night. Pair the pine with the matte black mesh to create a killer combo.

4. The Chrono S Gunmetal/Slate Blue + Classic Strap Gray 22mm

Make the Slate Blue dial stand out even more with this unique combo you won’t see anywhere else.

5. The Chrono S Matte Black 40mm + Classic Walnut 20mm

Even our 40mm collection has interchangeable bands. Try the Chrono S 40mm with the 20mm Classic Walnut strap for a bold look and a perfect fit.

6. The Chrono S Black/Silver + Classic Oxblood 22mm

Only one of our watches comes with the Classic Oxblood strap, but because it’s available on its own, you can add this deep red strap to any watch. We love it with the Black/Silver Chrono.

7. The Chrono S Matte Gray + Mesh Gunmetal 22mm

Adding mesh to any watch instantly makes it more cool and sleek. Our favorite pair is the Chrono S Matte Gray with the Mesh Gunmetal.

8. The Bellwether Silver + White + Classic Strap Gray 22mm

A gray strap takes this bestseller to new heights. It’s classic and sleek without losing any formality.

9. The Chrono S Rose Gold/White + Classic Strap Saddle Brown 22mm

This was created to be the perfect summer watch, but it’s quickly turned into one we’ve been wearing every season.

10. The Kairos Blue/Brown + Croc Strap Tan 22mm

A not-so-subtle combination, pairing the Kairos Blue/Brown with the tan croc strap makes both the face and the band stand out. This look will get you noticed even on your most casual days.

What unique combos have you made? Let us know on Instagram. Shop all the featured watches below, and head to our straps page to find an extra band to create your unique combo.

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